Puppy 121

The 121 puppy training home visit will get you off to the best start. The arrival of a new puppy is exciting and fun but puppy care and training can be hard work, especially if it’s your first time. Your puppy will only be small for a short time, so the clock is ticking – it’s important to begin puppy training as early as possible. Building the bond brings a real sense of achievement and with a little help and advice it can be easy and fun.

Good puppy manners are something that should be taught early, and is a big part of training. This involves things like teaching your puppy how to react in certain situations, the ability to socialise with other animals and people, toilet training and what not to chew.

The foundations for all this good behaviour are laid down in the first 16 weeks of a dog’s life. This is the time when we are able to develop our puppy’s brain, and shape the way they will turn out as an adult dog and prevent behavioural problems as they mature.

The Puppy Home visit gives you and your family the support, foundation training and advice which will help you get to know your puppy, preparing you all for a happy future together.

Visits take approximately 90 minutes – 2 hours and will give your puppy the best possible start in life.

Examples of things discussed during the session:

Toilet Training
Puppy biting/mouthing
Advice on equipment
Advice on what to feed your puppy and how
How to socialise your puppy
Importance of exercise, mental stimulation, play and sleep
Starting your basic obedience training
We will also supply a complete write up of the session via email for you to refer back to and full email and telephone support.

To help build on your early success, socially develop your puppy further and to build positive experiences enrolment on a group puppy class (following full vaccination) is recommended.

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Saturday afternoons 4.15pm - 5.15pm (Beginner)

Puppy pals

Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds

Wednesday afternoons 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Thursday afternoons 2.00pm - 3.30pm

Thursday afternoons 4.00pm - 5.30pm

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